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Welcome to Creative Spark Studios!

We develop online games. Check out our latest creations...

Play Planet Dash

Planet Dash

Explore the Andromeda System in our quirky planet hopper.

Play Triangular 2048

Triangular 2048

We wondered what a triangular version of 2048 would be like. Play the result here.

Play Goblins at the Gates

Goblins at the Gates

Crush the Goblin Army before they breach your barricades!

Play WordIt2

WordIt 2

The sequel to our popular word game is out! Bigger board, more options, and more fun.

Play Endless Memory

Endless Memory

A memory game using your own image search results. Endless variation.

Play Desert Fighter on Abstract

Desert Fighter

Drive and shoot to protect yourself and your ally on this reckless journey through the desert.

Play WordIt


A highly playable word puzzle game with two distinct game modes.

Play Space Madness

Space Madness

Pilot your spacecraft through 32 vast and dangerous levels of the abandoned space station.