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We're looking into ways of porting the game to other platforms.

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Planet Dash

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Planet Dash

planet dash thumbnailStranded in the Andromeda System, this space pilot must jump from planet to planet and collect enough cosmic energy to make it back home!

If you're ever stranded in space, better hope you didn't leave your wormhole-o-matic in your other space suit. Powered by cosmic energy, the device will allow you to open up a wormhole - a convenient and almost perfectly risk free portal to somewhere else.

With your power boots, which will allow you to jump between planets, set off to explore the immediate surroundings, and gather any cosmic energy that you can find. There are many different types of planets, and not all of them are safe, so try to avoid hazards like icy spikes, landmines, lava pits, and alien death rays.

Bye bye, good luck!

  • * Use arrow keys or WASD to run around a planet, and to jump locally on the planet.
  • * Press Spacebar to launch off a planet - but don't launch yourself into empty space!
  • * Collect the blue units of cosmic energy. When you have enough, a wormhole will open to exit the level.
  • * You have unlimited lives, but will get a higher final score for ending the game in as few lives as possible.