Game Development Links

Distribution & Advertising

Whether you develop web or mobile games or are interested in sponsoring or buying them, this site is a great place to start looking. It has a mobile platform including many services for developers.


CPMStar offers in-game and on-site advertisement for flash games and portals.

Industry News


One of the best online magazines about game development.

The Escapist

High quality online magazine covering digital entertainment culture.

Game portals


Kongregate is one of the more ambitious online game portals with many interesting features, such as integrated chat, achievements, revenue-sharing, meta-gaming, and contests.


One of the largest and most developer-friendly online game portals around.


ArmorGames have sponsored some of the best games in recent years.


KanoGames is a modern game portal especially known for their Free Rider HD game featuring excellent user-generated content.

Tools & Resources

Adventure Game Studio

Adventure Game Studio and the community around it, have been entry points to game development for many talented developers.


The web's largest computer and video games fact database.


Envato offers templates, graphics, animations, sound effects and music for your own projects at very reasonable prices. You can also start selling your own creations.

IT Hare - Programming Guide for Video-Gamers

If our games made you curious about what it would take to start developing your own games, this page contains a lot of useful links and resources about game development.