About Creative Spark Studios

Creative Spark Studios is an independent game development studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The company was founded in 2006 by game developer Frederik Hermund shortly after one of his games won first prize in a public service game development competition in the Nordic region.

Since then, Creative Spark Studios has been the context for all sorts of interesting productions and collaborations in online game development, involving artists, designers, composers, and programmers from around the world.

The main focus has been on the development of free-to-play online games, most of which are sponsored by game portal owners and make revenue from advertising as they are distributed to game portals worldwide.

We also develop custom games for clients in public and private sector, mostly in health and education, and do smaller jobs in both game and web development.


Please feel free to contact us to hear more about our services in the following areas:

  • Custom Game Development
    For your business, institution, campaign, or research project.
  • Custom Web Development
    We build websites and web applications.
  • Custom Scripts
    If you need updates, corrections, or new features on your existing apps or websites, we provide custom PHP and Javascript solutions.


We're always interested in hearing from talented individuals, whether you're in art, music, game design, or programming. Send us your resume and a brief introduction, and we'll see if we can fit you into one of our projects.

Golden Joystick Award for Creative Spark Studios