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We're looking into ways of porting the game to other platforms.

(This page, featuring the original Adobe Flash version of the game, will be kept available online for a limited time for archiving purposes.)

Goblins at the Gates

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Goblins at the Gates

goblins at the gates thumbnailGrab your triple-shot crossbow and memorize that mystical formula. Get ready to call down fire from the skies!

An army of darkness is on the move, heading straight for your poorly defended frontier outpost. Defeat and loot their scouts, earn new battle skills, improve your arsenal, and master new weapon techniques before the main force arrives. For you will have more of a battle on your hands than you ever asked for. Will you sharpen your skills and prevail in the face of an overwhelming foe? Or will you fail and your bastion be overrun, the Great Rift crossed by Goblinkin for the first time in ages?

Brace yourself and do not be fooled. For there is no one else to take your place. This is the time to prove your worth as a true Champion of the Gates.

  • * The loot you pick up from defeated enemies can be used to buy upgrades in the shop.
  • * Use the skill points you earn from completing levels to upgrade your skills.
  • * Your skills can be reset and redistributed freely.
  • * If five or more monsters breach the barricades and make it to the left side of the screen, the level is lost and must be replayed. The castle icon in the top left corner shows how many 'lives' the castle has left.
  • * You can revisit early levels when you have upgraded your weapons and spells and probably achieve a better score. The best scores for all levels make up your total point score.
  • * While only the best score for each level is stored, gold and other loot always accumulate, even when a level is lost.
  • * Your progress is automatically saved, so you can come back and finish the game or improve your score wherever you left off. Clearing your cookies and browser data will reset the game.
Update News

April 2017

Goblins at the Gates now has its own HIGH SCORES table, where players can see the weekly and all-time high scores.

The game is also updated to auto-save your progress, so you can come back to this page and continue on the level where you left off, with all your resources, weapons and upgrades intact.

August 2014

Microtransactions have been removed from the game! Goblins at the Gates is now 100% free to play, and every awesome weapon and item is still in the game. They can now be earned simply by collecting loot from enemies.

March 2014

Implemented new ads and leaderboards solution, your saved game data is unaffected.

  • * Aim by moving the mouse.
  • * Left-click to fire your weapon. (Hold down to fire repeatedly.)
  • * Numeric keyboard keys 1-4 lets you change between weapons that you've bought.
  • * The keyboard keys Q, W, E, and R lets you cast spells that you've learned. Spells will affect the entire battlefield or be cast at the position of the mouse pointer.
High Scores

See the Goblins at the Gates High Scores.