Goblins at the Gates High Scores

1steve7532003 years agoUnited Kingdom
2pinkie316557386983 years agoUnited States
3pinkie316557376793 years agoUnited States
4ZAK7368993 years agoUnited Kingdom
5Vekke7196632 years agoBelgium
6Lykos477162962 years agoPoland
7man of steel gates7113262 years agoUnited States
8arsch7008372 years agoGermany
9godzila6925653 years agoUnited States
10Legolas6885862 years agoCzech Republic
11irongoblin086668655 months agoUnited States
12arsch6631335 months agoUnited States
13PurpleGround6619061 year agoUnited States
14Buzz6506662 years agoCanada
15salah6474183 years agoUnited States
16dfdgdgdh6468293 years agoMexico
17YAAAA6418752 years agoCanada
18cesar u6388682 years agoPeru
19cesar U6371422 years agoPeru
20souffene6356453 years agoTunisia
21CESAR U6290133 years agoPeru
22CESAR U6196412 years agoPeru
23fygyifgyigrsay8gy98g6183702 years agoIreland
24godzila6134853 years agoUnited States
25dragon king6100842 years agoUnited States
26gomblenisko6082482 years agoChina
27gagashGK6082482 years agoChina
28dom60451211 months agoUnited States
29daunte5825513 years agoUnited States
30hhhh5291252 years agoChina

Goblins at the Gates High Scores

Welcome to the Goblins at the Gates High Scores page!

Here you can see the weekly and the all-time high scores achieved by players.

The scores are for the Goblins at the Gates online game only.

Please note that while Goblins at the Gates has been played millions of times on many game portals since the first release in 2013, the all-time scores presented on this page only go back to April 2017, when the first game update with this new high scores system was implemented. (Version 0.9.063).