Update Notice

Adobe Flash has reached end of life on January 12th 2021, so this version of WordIt will no longer work in ordinary browsers.

Instead we recommend WordIt 2 which is available both as a free online html game and as an Android game on GooglePlay: Get it here

(This page, featuring the original Adobe Flash version of the game, will be kept available online for a limited time for archiving purposes.)


WordIt Description

WordIt is a 'must try' - especially if you already like word games like scrabble, or crossword puzzles. In WordIt, you begin with a random set of letters, and your goal is then to arrange the letters on the board in such a way that all letters are part of a valid word. Each letter has an associated point value, and the value is counted twice if you use the letter in both horizontally and vertically formed words. So if you want a high score, try to make your words cross on the letters with the highest point values. You can also play the special time challenge mode and build words to clear the board before it fills up.

New in this version (24-04-2012) is the ability to save your game. Please note that the save feature uses a kind of cookie (Flash sharedObject), which is usually deleted if you clear your browser cache.

WordIt Highscores

New: Now you can view the weekly and all-time top 30 WordIt Highscores!

How to play WordIt

Click and drag to move letters. You can hold SHIFT while dragging to mark a rectangular selection of multiple letters. Please see the in-game instructions for additional info.