WordIt 2

This sequel to the popular word puzzle WordIt features some changes to both interface and functionality, while retaining the addictive gameplay that made the original great.

New Features

- This is a new version of WordIt 2, developed in HTML5/JavaScript using the Phaser framework and the Firebase API.
- There's now a functioning high score table showing daily, weekly, monthly and all-time high scores for each level and for the final score. The high scores are both available in-game via the main menu and directly on the new WordIt 2 High Scores page.
- User screenshots of completed levels are available on the new WordIt 2 Gallery page.
- New in-game arrow buttons along the board sides let players move all letters one step in either direction.
- We've removed the Timed Game Mode in this version in order to focus more on the core gameplay of the Normal Game Mode.
- Since this version of WordIt 2 is made in HTML5, it should be compatible with a much wider range of browsers and devices than the earlier Flash version of the game.


How to Play

1. Click and drag the letters to form words, horizontally and vertically.
2. To advance to the next level, make all letters part of a valid word.
3. Click the green checkmark button below to see your progress.
4. You can save, load, restart or read these instructions again any time from the Menu.
5. If you need to move all letters at once, click the small arrows along the edges of the board.


1. Unlike many other word games, in WordIt2 the point score for each letter in a word
is multiplied by the word's length - so longer words are better.
2. Try using high value letters both horizontally and vertically to maximize your score.
3. If a level seems impossible, click Menu -> Restart Level to start over with all new letters. This costs 5% of your current score.
4. Scores can be submitted to the leaderboards at the end of each level.

Update News

After the End of Flash in January 2021, we've retired the previous Adobe Flash-based version of WordIt 2.
It's no longer playable now that browsers block Flash content by default, but will remain available online here for a limited time for archiving purposes: WordIt2 - Adobe Flash Version


Screenshots of solved boards submitted by WordIt 2 players are displayed in the Wordit 2 Screenshot Gallery.

View Screenshot Gallery

High Scores

Check the high scores achieved by WordIt 2 players.

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WordIt 2 for Android Devices

We've partnered with Happy Planet Games to bring WordIt2 to other platforms.

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