Update Notice

Adobe Flash has reached end of life on January 12th 2021, so this version of WordIt2 will no longer work in ordinary browsers.

Luckily, the HTML5 version of the game should work in most browsers, and on most devices.

Play WordIt2, the new HTML5 version

(This page, featuring the original Adobe Flash version of the game, will be kept available online for a limited time for archiving purposes.)

WordIt 2

WordIt 2

This sequel to the popular word puzzle WordIt features some changes to both interface and functionality, while retaining the addictive gameplay that made the original great.

New Features

  • - Larger game board, which allows longer words and provides less clutter even on later levels.
  • - You can now play any level immediately from the menu, as well as in sequence.
  • - You can submit scores for individual levels - and even share screenshots of your solution on Facebook.
  • - A new button lets you easily shuffle all letters on the board - and undo.
  • - It's now a lot faster (but not easier) to complete levels in Timed mode.
  • - Android and iPhone versions of WordIt2 are coming soon!

Normal Mode

  • 1. Click and drag the letters to form words, horizontally and vertically.
  • 2. Press and hold SHIFT to drag a selection rectangle around multiple letters.
  • 3. To advance to the next level, make all letters part of a valid word.
  • 4. Click the green checkmark button below to see your progress.
  • 5. Complete one or all 20 levels, or click Menu -> Submit Score to quit and submit your score.

Timed Mode

  • 1. Click and drag the letters to form words, horizontally and vertically.
  • 2. Valid words are automatically removed, marking the stage tiles surrounding the words.
  • 3. Form valid words on the whole stage, marking all tiles to advance to the next level.
  • 4. Each new level is faster then the previous one.


  • 1. Unlike many other word games, in WordIt2 the point score for each letter in a word is multiplied by the word's length - so longer words are better.
  • 2. Try using high value letters both horizontally and vertically to maximize your score.
  • 3. If a level seems impossible, click Menu -> Restart Level to start over with all new letters. This costs 5% of your current score.
  • 4. Click Menu -> Submit Score any time to quit and submit your score.

We're testing a new HTML5 version of WordIt2, compatible with more devices, including mobile and tablets.

Help us out by testing it here.

If you experience glitches or errors with the new version, feel free to be in touch via our contact form. The more detail you provide about potential issues, the better. :-)


Screenshots of solved boards submitted by WordIt2 players are displayed in the Wordit2 Screenshot Gallery.

High Scores

As of April 2017, player high scores are available online on the new Wordit 2 High Scores Page.

WordIt2 for Android Devices

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