WordIt 2 High Scores, Original version

1ks Montreal261549 months agoUkraine
2Baron258732 years agoUnited States
3Jim 254499 months agoChina
4Baron253212 years agoFinland
5ks253192 weeks agoUkraine
6ks252901 month agoUnited States
7ks montreal252668 months agoUnited States
8ks252366 months agoUkraine
9ks251616 months agoUnited States
10K.S. Montreal251399 months agoUkraine
11Jim250693 months agoChina
12Miss Sub250168 months agoUkraine
13Jim249511 year agoChina
14Jim249473 years agoChina
15Jim249209 months agoChina
16Jim249193 years agoChina
17ks249091 month agoUkraine
18Angus249008 months agoUkraine
19ks248577 months agoUnited States
20Baron247632 years agoUnited States
21ks247565 months agoUkraine
22ks247447 months agoUkraine
23ks247314 months agoUkraine
24Doug246942 years agoChina
25ks246841 month agoUkraine
26Doug 246501 year agoChina
27ks246405 months agoUkraine
28ks246124 months agoUkraine
29Jim245925 years agoUnited Kingdom
30ks245912 months agoUkraine

WordIt 2 High Scores

Welcome to the WordIt 2 High Scores page!

Here you can see the daily, weekly, monthly and the all-time WordIt 2 high scores achieved by players.

The scores are for the original Flash version of the WordIt 2 online game only, and not for the old version of WordIt, which has its own high score page.

A maximum of 30 scores are shown for each time category for each of the 20 game levels and for the final game score. You can navigate between the time categories and levels by pressing the buttons above the leaderboards.

The scores go back to April 2017.

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