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Desert Fighter

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Desert Fighter

The year is 2095, and you're somewhere deep in the old Mojave Desert...

Big Papa John offers to pay you to escort his truck full of kerosene safely to Garage City. Luckily, your car is very fast and equipped with better weapons than a Spitfire.

Still, you'll need all your speed and accuracy to keep the desert's marauders off your tail - The Death Scavengers - and especially their leader, the mad Red General!

Try to protect the truck through all ten levels, collect gold and powerups for a better score, and upgrade your car for the final showdown!

  • Use Arrow keys or WASD to move.
  • Mouse to aim and fire.
  • * Collect gold for a higher score.
  • * Choose your upgrades between each level.
  • * Collisions with marauders will damage your car.
  • * Terrain collisions won't hurt your car.
  • * Drive close to marauders to draw their fire away from the truck - if either your car or the truck is destroyed, the level is lost.
  • * Collect powerups for extra health and bombs effect.