Games from Creative Spark Studios, Page 2.

Play Space Madness

Space Madness

Pilot your spacecraft through 32 vast and dangerous levels of the abandoned space station.

Play Sumo Wrestling Tycoon on Creative Spark Studios

Sumo Wrestling Tycoon

Manage your energy wisely and become Sumo Wrestling World Champion!

Play Thingfection on Creative Spark Studios


A somewhat strange little game about things becoming 'thingfected.'

Play Tower Panic on Creative Spark Studios

Tower Panic!

Ninjas are attacking the castle - keep them at bay by dropping rocks on their heads as they scale the tower walls!

Play Attack of the Giant Llamas on Creative Spark Studios

Attack of the Giant Llamas

The Giant Llamas are on a rampage in this hectic mini-game.

Play Sudoku on Creative Spark Studios


Infinitely many Sudoku puzzles to solve, randomly generated on the fly.

Play Abstracta on Creative Spark Studios


A meditative collect-and-avoid game with tons of powerups and references to classic arcade games.

Play Endless Memory

Endless Memory

A memory game using your own image search results. Endless variation.