Update Notice

Adobe Flash has reached end of life on January 12th 2021and no longer works in ordinary browsers.

Using the ruffle.rs flash emulator, we did manage to get Abstracta working on this page.

(Ruffle is still being developed and tested, so if you notice any glitches in the game, please let us know 🙂
If ruffle.js gives an error, just reloading the page with F5 can sometimes fix it. By the way, you can play Abstracta in full screen by right-clicking in the game area and selecting that option.)



Abstracta is a collect and avoid game with tons of powerups and a great sense of flow. It is inspired both by modern games and arcade classics. Can you defeat all four bosses and set a new highscore?

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How to play

Collect gems and powerups while avoiding the dangerous mines. The longer you play, the more powerups are unlocked. Press SPACEBAR at any time to bring up the menu.