Update Notice

Adobe Flash has reached end of life on January 12th 2021 and will no longer work in ordinary browsers.

However, we managed to get Tower Panic! working on this page using ruffle.rs emulator.

(Ruffle is still being developed and tested, so if you notice any glitches in the game, please let us know 🙂)

Tower Panic!

Tower Panic!

The tower is under attack! As a lone knight on the battlements you must defend it from the evil ninjas and dragons who are swarming to attack.

Update News: Game was updated November 2014. New leaderboard system added, and the game dimensions were changed to better fit on small screens. Some small changes to gameplay.

How to play

Click on the boulders to drop them on attackers and prevent them from reaching the flag on top of the tower. If three attackers reach the flag, the game is lost. Each level is one minute long, and the game speeds up over time to create that truly panicky gameplay.