Update Notice

Adobe Flash has reached end of life on January 12th 2021, so this version of Triangular 2048 will no longer work in ordinary browsers.

Instead we recommend the free Android version available on GooglePlay: Get it here

(This page, featuring the original Adobe Flash version of the game, will be kept available online for a limited time for archiving purposes.)

Triangular 2048

About Triangular 2048

This game is a variation of the puzzle game called 2048, which is the latest craze in online gaming - at least judging by the number and variety of clones that have been published recently. We also made a clone of 2048 when the game script was open sourced. You can play that here if you haven't already.

A bit more effort has gone into Triangular 2048, since it ports the gameplay to a whole new board geometry. It's still a highly playable puzzle game, and we hope seasoned 2048 players will have fun adapting their strategies to win this game as well.

How to play

Triangular 2048 is played Using the Keyboard keys Q, W, E, A, S, D or the corresponding clickable buttons on the game screen.

When you click one of the buttons, all pieces on the board that can move in that direction, will do so. A game piece can only move into one of the three positions along its edges.

Each time you move the pieces, a new piece with a value of 8 will appear randomly on the board. The game will end when there are no more possible moves left.

If a game piece moves onto another game piece with the same value, they merge into one piece with double value. Your goal is to combine pieces until you reach the value of 2048. Beyond that, the goal is to maximize your score as much as possible before reaching the ending.

Triangular 2048 for Mobile & Android Devices

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