A to K


Join the letters and get to K!

New Game

How to play: Use your arrow keys or WASD to move the tiles. Each keypress will move all pieces on the board as far as they can go in that direction.

If a piece moves onto another piece with the same letter, they merge into the next letter in the alphabet!.

Each time you move the pieces, a new piece with a value of A will also appear on a randomly selected empty spot on the board. The game will end if there are no more possible moves left.

Your goal is to combine matching pieces until you reach the a piece with the letter K. Beyond that, the goal is to maximize your score as much as possible before reaching the ending.

Note: This is a clone of the official open-sourced game called 2048, which is itself a clone of the game called 1024, which was already very similar to a game called Threes. The graphics in this version are inspired by our word game WordIt 2.

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Game recommendation: Players who enjoy A to K, may want to try our other game Triangular 2048. Similar gameplay, but this time on a triangular grid.

UPDATE NEWS: After the End of Flash (Jan 2021), we've retired the Adobe Flash version of A to K. (It remains available here for archiving purposes for a limited time, but is not playable in ordinary browsers: A to K - Adobe Flash version.)

Created by Creative Spark Studios.