Endless Memory

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Endless Memory

The memory game to end all memory games!

Enter a search word or term and play memory match with the image search results fetched for you.

Endless Memory was born out of curiosity and opportunity, since I was playing around with Google's Image Search API for flash developers and wanted to use it in a game. Google since discontinued that service, so now the game is based on Bing's image search API instead.

The tag cloud was originally made by www.roytanck.com, modified by artViper designstudio www.artviper.net, and now modified further by me.

Enjoy the endless variations!

How to play

Enter a search term (or choose a preset from the tag cloud) and press go to get image search results for that query. When you're satisifed with the results, press play to play the game. Match all pairs in as few tries and as short time as possible to complete the game and submit your score.