WordIt Highscores

1Sail_More166382 years agoUnited States
2DonnaT133282 years agoUnited States
3Rebekah127482 years agoUnited States
4SCOTT127272 years agoUnited States
5DonnaB123872 years agoUnited States
6Henry123872 years agoUnited States
7grovie122103 months agoUnited States
8pat121632 years agoCanada
9taylorb1110119742 weeks agoAustralia
10Meghanjules119742 months agoNetherlands
11Mekana88119743 days agoUnited States
12jayesela119713 weeks agoUnited Kingdom
13Dicky_H119674 weeks agoSouth Africa
14racer22b119652 months agoUnited States
15grovie119593 months agoUnited States
16msdaggz119551 week agoUnited Kingdom
17MicroNinja119501 month agoGermany
18Yvan_Eht_Nioj119482 months agoUnited States
19Dontlookback86119485 days agoUnited Kingdom
20travelgalsf119451 month agoCanada
21ChefSoprano119452 months agoUnited States
22c_garza119403 weeks agoUnited States
23Howdy1554119353 weeks agoJapan
24mayerchic06119301 week agoAustralia
25jawaiianstyle119293 weeks agoRussia
26Callalily04119234 weeks agoUnited States
27tdm1011119211 month agoIran
28RachelleMG119194 days agoUnited States
29Greenbear53119181 week agoUnited States
30i_am_laidbackman119154 weeks agoUnited States

WordIt Highscores

Welcome to the WordIt Highscores page!

Here you can see the weekly and the all-time WordIt highscores achieved by players in Normal Mode.

The scores are for the original WordIt online game only, and not for the new WordIt 2, which uses its own in-game leaderboards system.

Please note that while WordIt has been played millions of times on thousands of game portals since the first release in 2009, the all-time scores presented on this page only go back to November 2014, when the first game update with this new highscores system was implemented.