Space Madness Gates High Scores

1bdfb542469 months agoDenmark
2barrett176254 months agoUnited States
3micah148178 months agoUnited States
4fred100889 months agoDenmark
5test00191959 months agoDenmark
6JessicaCanFly9160005 months agoUnited States
7Otaku80860004 months agoUnited States
8jlc32759997 months agoMexico
9gabatronic59994 months agoNetherlands
10MrsMcc102259974 months agoUnited States
11badsisko59973 months agoUnited States
12leahrtz59958 months agoGermany
13ross_online59956 months agoAustralia
14method121559955 months agoIndonesia
15Kevinfit198559946 months agoChina
16franny00759947 months agoChina
17Trackathlete0259941 month agoNetherlands
18uncanny23859942 months agoKorea (South)
19JessiBabe1259936 months agoAustralia
20Raccoonthecat59936 months agoUnited States
21dunnahoob59927 months agoChina
22xPacifica59922 months agoKorea (South)
23dmwrss59927 months agoArgentina
24TracyBeauBacy59916 months agoAustralia
25dcrod197359912 months agoUnited States
26mossv459918 months agoKorea (South)
27yajgit59906 months agoAustralia
28ttiivvoo59893 months agoPoland
29LisaNicB59892 weeks agoFrance
30KDCS59894 weeks agoUnited States

Space Madness High Scores

Welcome to the Space Madness High Scores page!

Here you can see the monthly and the all-time high scores achieved by players.

The scores are for the SpaceMadness! online game only.

The scores presented on this page only go back to April 2017, when the first game update with this new high scores system was implemented.